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Welcome to the Townsville Motorcycle Club!
The TMCC was founded in 1925, and is one of Australia's oldest continuously operating motorcycle clubs. Club members participate in a wide variety of competition across several disciplines. All competition is conducted under the control of Motorcycling Australia and its Regional Controlling Body, Motorcycling Queensland.
Various types of competition are available with in the club, including Motocross, Dirt Track and Speedway. The club uses the Lang Park  facility at Woodstock, a 30 minute drive from Townsville heading to Charters Towers. Events are conducted here on a regular basis.
Remember you must be a financial member of the TMCC to race at any of our TMCC Closed to Club events .


Latest News

ATTENTION! Please register if you would like to do the officials seminar, for clerk steward this weekend this will also allow you to become a practice supervisor! We would hate to have this postponed again due to lack of numbers.

Please follow the link below for the upcoming Clerk / Stewards (practice supervisor) Course, August 1st 2015. Register now to secure your spot! It's FREE also morning tea and lunch provided. (Minimum requirements for this course are listed in registration form)


T.M.C.C Dirt Track Club Day

Date: Sunday 02/08/2015
Sign on / Scrutineering: 07.00
Practice Starts: 07:45

Canteen will be available all day, if you are able to provide a volunteer to assist in the canteen, with flagging or other duties this will help make the day run a lot more smoothly. Thank you in advance for your time.

Please remember all bikes must have visible numbers, if your numbers are not able to be seen by the tower you will not be scored. REMINDER all senior riders and junior should have their numbers visible on the back of their jerseys and or armour (with the exception of Divi 1)

Day licences will be available.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the DT Race Secretary Angela Panecassio 0447 688 000

Supp regs will be available ASAP (all information and fees about this club day is available in the supp regs)

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you all there, have fun and stay safe



The website has some new features that should make it easier for you to find information about your discipline. e.g.: click on your desired discipline and you will find some new sections, calendar and results. (don't forget to hit the refresh button)

For classifieds email the webmaster.


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